My Endometriosis Story.

I've never shared my endometriosis story in much detail. So here it is.. I started my period at 13 and along with it my problems started. I was in and out the hospital all the time, I've ran millions of tests (CT,X-RAYS, PELVIC EXAMS, ULTRASOUNDS,EVEN A COLONOSCOPY) and nothing was ever found. I've seen multiple … Continue reading My Endometriosis Story.


What foods are your DEVIL?

My Endo Sisters I need your advice!! I want to know what foods make you guys sick? Is there any foods that you know you can't eat or you will get sick? If so, what kind of sick- is is pain, nausea, or both? For me it's both, but more nausea than pain.. I will … Continue reading What foods are your DEVIL?