What foods are your DEVIL?

My Endo Sisters I need your advice!!

I want to know what foods make you guys sick? Is there any foods that you know you can’t eat or you will get sick?

If so, what kind of sick- is is pain, nausea, or both? For me it’s both, but more nausea than pain.. I will more often than not throw up when I get sick like that.

For me, its dairy ( I know a lot of ladies with endometriosis have a problem with dairy) but I really haven’t had a problem with until recently- ranch dressing even bothers me. I haven’t really caught on to anything else, I will start watching though, and I will try to update you. But I’m really curious as to what makes others sick? What foods? Or even drinks?

Leave me your feedback please, with disease there isn’t much to go on other than people’s experiences..



5 thoughts on “What foods are your DEVIL?

  1. Hiya lovely – there’s a whole list of things we’re not supposed to eat: soya, red meat, dairy, wheat, gluten, refined sugar, no drinking alcohol and caffeine.
    Then there are the random things that make some people ill and not others. For example if I eat fried peppers (which I love) oh the pain and the gas and nasties. I have had a funny reaction from falafel twice even though it ticks all the right ingredients. I think too much garlic or chilli powders seem to be the culprits but can’t work it out.

    I have a great book on endo nutrition and helping to manage it through nutrition but it’s not cheap. Happy to share any info I can – however after 14 years of suffering I’ve only followed the diet the last two – plus I still eat some things from time to time especially if I am out as it becomes a nightmare. I NEVER eat wheat or gluten and rarely will risk soya, dairy a bit more. I NEVER drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks but I fall short on lacto free cheese and chocolate at times. No one is perfect lol.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to keep in touch if you have any future questions. I’m no expert I’m sure but I’ve had it a long time now LOL

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    1. Ugh! Same here fried foods are seeming to become a problem with me as well. It’s funny because I’ve suffered with endo pain since I was 13 but never had issues with my foods until recently and I’m talking really recent-after my surgery. Endometriosis has taken so much from us already, now the foods we love?! What’s next!!!
      I’ll keep that in mind, you’ve given me some great feedback and I appreciate it so much. Thank you 🙂

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      1. Ah I know – endo is a harsh mistress with no mercy. My food stuff started off early but was just alcohol and junk food (by the way junk food is a general no no too as I’m sure you know lol) and as a teen I didn’t care and put up with it. As I got older it got worse and then about 4 years ago I got so ill from wheat and gluten and it kind of spiralled. Haven’t had a sip of alcohol in over 2 years – just not worth it.

        Awww you’re more than welcome. Happy to help when I actually have something that might be useful lol. It’s poop being lost in it all.

        ❤ ❤

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  2. Hi lady! Ah so many things hurt my belly. The main ones are dairy and sweets. I’ve tried a gluten free diet before, however, eating things with no gluten I still got sick and had pain, so I am not too sure what that is all about! Tia Mowry (from Sister Sister, not sure if you know that show) came out with a great cook book (she took has endo), and it has a dairy free ranch dressing recipe! I haven’t tried it yet, but the picture of it looks good haha! Also, alcohol destroys my body, and I’ve tried to stop, but some days I just need one. I have switched to vodka (gluten free vodka which most are, I did not know that) and tonic water. I get a little bloated if I have too many, but for the most part they are so easy on my stomach. Tia’s cookbook is pretty interesting, it is more so informative than anything and I got it for $13 on Amazon! 🙂

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    1. Awesome, thanks for your feedback I really appreciate it. Dairy has really been an issue with me lately, and it’s so weird because I’ve never once had a problem with foods until AFTER my surgery, so weird right? AND A RANCH RECPIE?! I’ll for sure be checking that out! And as for alcohol, it’s funny because when I drink hard liquor like vodka the pain is excruciating, I’m not a big drinking I don’t like really like anything-but when I do have a drink I usually do beer-I know it makes some people bloat but for me it doesn’t cause any pain or anything-Lindemans Framboise is actually more of a wine/beer if you will, if you can find it it’s great I say this because only one store in my town sells it so it’s very hard to come by! Thanks again for your feedback!


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