5 Things people with Endometriosis are tired of hearing.

1.) “You’re always sick”

Why thank you Captain OBVIOUS, they clearly call it a chronic illness for a reason.

2.) “But you don’t even look sick” 

WELL TRUST ME I AM.  Just because a person doesn’t look sick from the outside does not mean they are not sick.

3.) “I have bad period cramps too” 

27F094EB-9FBB-4085-8515-1227C517D504I’m sorry that you have terrible period cramps. But please do not compare your period cramps to something that has sent me to the hospital several times. It’s extremely belittling.

4.) “You’re too young to be sick”

BB0FC72D-C966-43A2-8861-5C2C3D816EB3Young does not always mean healthy. Age is irrelevant when it comes to chronic illnesses.

5.) “So you’re gonna cancel plans again”

Please do not make someone with a chronic illness feel guilty for canceling plans. Trust me we hate to do it but we have no control of how our bodies will feel. We could be fine then in five minutes be in excruciating pain.

Moral of the story is we are TIRED. We are tired of hearing these things and hey these are only a select few. Just be kind, don’t discredit someone’s illness just because you can’t see it. 

Dont judge me until you’ve walked a day in my shoes. 



3 thoughts on “5 Things people with Endometriosis are tired of hearing.

  1. I LOVE this! This is so how I feel and felt even long before I was diagnosed and felt like a bad person for being in pain and often hid it. I’m sharing this 🙂

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