Invest In Rest.

Slowly but surely learning how to listen to my body. Learning that I’m not wasting the day or being lazy when I’m having a flare day or in my case (A FLARE WEEK) I am doing exactly what I need to do, I am recovering. 

I get really usept at myself if you will when I miss a day or a few days at the gym. I feel like all I’ve worked so hard for it’s just going to go away. But sometimes I physically and mentally can’t go and you know what that’s okay. I wanted to get fit and healthy for my overall well being but I know my body and I know when it’s just best to lay on the couch with my heating pads. 

I know it can feel like we are being lazy when we take days like this but I just wanted to reassure you ladies that we are not lazy we are strong.. strong enough to realize when we need to just rest. It will do your body good. Whatever needs to be done will still be there tomorrow. Put self care first.. put yourself first. Take care of you first. 


I plan to stay right here until I feel better. Invest in rest. 



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