Self Care- Undwinding

How do you undwind?

Rest something we all need right? But as we become “adults” if you will we soon realize rest is not something we get often. Heck, and to think we all hated nap time when we were kids! What were we thinking right?!

Being in college, trying to maintain a healthy bod by going to the gym, dealing with various doctors appointments due to Endometriosis, life in general umm I’m going to need more than 24 hours thank you so much. Wishful thinking, right?

I know it’s tough to get time to “rest” and resting to you could mean a bunch of different things I’m not necessarily just talking about sleeping. For me rest is just unplugging, unwinding from it all for a bit. Using that time to recoup and gather myself for the next task I have.

Some ways I like to rest and relax are coloring, puzzles, or just catching up on shows I’ve missed through out the week. I mean I need my dose of reality tv!

I think I’ve mentioned adult coloring books before in a previous post but I’ll mention it again because it’s awesome, DUH! My all time favorite adult coloring book-the only coloring books I will color are by Thaneeya McArdle. She is an amazing artists and I just love her illustrations. I own 3 or them and I can’t wait to get my hands on more. Since I have been coloring for so long I have moved up to the Primsacolor color pencils (these are very pricey) but they were a Christmas gift. Crayola and Sargent Art are some cheaper ones that work well too, these are the ones I started with. I also have some Stedler fine tip markers for detail but don’t use them too often. But whatever you feel comfortable coloring in would work just fine.

There is something very relaxing to coloring.. I have yet to put my finger on exactly what it is and the feeling you get after seeing your completed color page is great- accomplished if you will. I really like to color before bed when time permits- I think I will color after I write this post. WARNING: it is addictive!! But a good thing to be addicted to right?

I also love love love doing puzzles on my iPad! Magic Puzzles is the app I use and the puzzles are just gorgeous and FREE!!

Again it’s something that gets your mind off of all the things you have going on and just lets you unplug for a while. I think that’s something we all need to do regularly to keep our sanity! Try these out, hey you never know they make work! Or let me know some things you like to do. Because I’m always up to try something new. I will also link everything I have mentioned above down below, please note I am an amazon affiliate- everything is put back into this blog.


Follow Your Bliss Coloring Book (Coloring Activity Book) (Design Originals) (Coloring Is Fun)

Live for Today Coloring Book (Coloring is Fun) (Design Originals) 32 Inspiring Quotes & Beginner-Friendly Creative Art Activities from Thaneeya McArdle; High-Quality, Extra-Thick Perforated Pages

More Good Vibes Coloring Book (Coloring is Fun) (Design Originals) 32 Beginner-Friendly Uplifting & Creative Art Activities on High-Quality Extra-Thick Perforated Paper that Resists Bleed Through

Prismacolor 3599TN Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 72-Count

Sargent Art Premium Coloring Pencils, Pack of 50 Assorted Colors, 22-7251

Crayola Colored Pencils, 64 Count, Adult Coloring

Staedtler Duo color Markers (320C36JBLU) 36 pc.


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