Versatile Blogger Award

I am fricken stoked!! Never in a million years when I started this blog would I have thought I would even have followers much less being nominated for an award! Whaaaa! How awesome. Thanks so much to Courtney- Endo Tough who has an awesome blog as well.

Rules for nominations:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Nominate up to 15 bloggers and inform them.

3. Share 7 facts about yourself.

4. Put the logo of Versatile Blogger in your post and display the rules also

7 Facts About Myself:

1.)Dogs. Dogs are my favorite things in the world. I’m probably biased but my dogs mean the absolute world to me. People think I’m a little obsessed and I am! Being there is a chance I may not be able to have children they are my children and their love is unconditional.

2.)I’ve been in college for 3 almost 4 years because I’ve changed my major 5 times and it pushed me back a whole year. Thankfully I’m a proud soon to be RADTECH!

3.)My parents and I have the best relationship. Most people think that’s weird about me. Usually a girls mother is her best friend and she is of course but so is my dad!

4.)I was born in Arkansas (my dad was in the Air Force) but I’ve been in a small town in Louisiana since I was 7, although I love this little town and Louisiana (THE FOOD) I really intend to move to the big city after school. Even though leaving my parents may be hard.

5.) I’m used to be SUPER shy and when I say super I mean real super! I hated speaking in front of a crowd and hated being the center of attention (people signing me happy Birthday, HORRIFYING) but I’ve came out of my shell A LOT I’m still a little shy but college really helped me with that.

6.) I have a bad habit of picking at my lip when I’m nervous, sad, tired, anxious basically every emotion and I pick the skin so much it makes my lip bleed.. my cousin actually does the exact same thing we’ve always thought it was crazy that we both do it.

7.) I was basically homeschooled in from middle school through high school. People thought it was because of bullying or just because I didn’t want to go to school but fun fact it was because of my Endometriosis. I missed so much school being in doctors office after doctors office and hospitals and nothing was ever found until last year.

15 AMAZING Blogs:

  • All About Annie– of course if you’ve been following me you know Annie is one of my favorite blogs I don’t know her but she’s also my favorite person. Literally it’s like looking at myself in the mirror. We are just alike and I promise if I lived in New Zealand we would be best friends. Umm can I move there now!?!
  • My Chronic Self– An Endometriosis blogger I’ve recently discovered. An amazing woman who also happens to take bomb pictures!!
  • Thriving With Endo– ok so these may be all endo blogs but um endo is my life sooo. Lol but this is yet another amazing blog and an amazing woman who I recently chatted a little with and I could just feel her strength in that mini chat.
  • Myself Surviving Everyday With Endometriosis – a woman my age just living the same struggle as myself. How empowering to have such a beautiful community of people just like yourself.
  • Classy Fighter – first of all how awesome is her blog name?? Just a classy fighter love love her post.
  • Comfy Pants Blog – again another endo blog with such an awesome name! Love it. I think ya endo girls are so clever 😉
  • My Yellow Bow – an endo blog about tips and life with endo.
  • Blooming Uterus – one of the first blogs I discovered when searching to learn more about my endo, very good advice and I overall just love reading about others experiences with Endometriosis.
  • Mind Body Endo – tips for managing endo.
  • Soy Rebecca – A blog about Rebecca’s journey and her daily struggles in life. Awesome read.
  • My Endometriosis and Infertility Journey– another awesome read for us girls with endo like I said all these blogs are just so hopeful knowing someone out there gets it too.
  • Endo Floozy – A Endometriosis blog about the trials and tribulations of an Endometriosis warrior.
  • Endo life and me – a place for escape for an Endometriosis angel and her endo sisters
  • Altheladies Endo Club – life with Endometriosis blog.
  • Our Last Embryo Blog– the road to overcoming an invisible illness.

Please please be sure to check out all of these amazing blogs I’ve mentioned above. I always rave on such an amazing community we have to share our stories and be there for each other. Endosisters 💛 RULE! I love you all!



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