Surgery #2!

The saying “Doctors are the worse patients” I think goes for everyone in the medical field. Nurses, technologist because we’ve all had to learn about the body. The good and the bad of it all.

My second surgery is about one week away. And I am feeling a ton of emotions. I’m angry, sad, scared, nervous.

I’m angry because I’m having to have another surgery. I’m angry because the first doctor that performed my surgery underestimated how bad my Endo really was. Again, another doctor thinking I’m over reacting.

I’m sad because I shouldn’t have to go through this at my age. I’m only 20 years old and I’ve had so many exams and now two surgeries under my belt. It’s frustrating.

I’m scared because I have to go under anesthesia. Any time you go under there’s a chance something could go wrong. Even though it will probably be fine there’s still a fear there.. I’m also scared of complications that can arise during surgery.

I’m nervous for the recovery. I have to be back in class a week later and I will be taking my third exam. Last one before finals. This semester has already been so rough on me, which this isn’t the semester to mess up. My last semester of prereqs, my grades from this semester will be calculated with my others to determine if I get into the radiology program. Which is a competitive bases.

I don’t know how I’m going to do it all. But I always find a way. That’s something about people with Endo that I love. Our lives are hard living in pain everyday is hard but we always find a way to accomplish anything and everything. After all, we are warriors 💛



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