Hot water bottle review!

I’ve had what some call a “writer’s block” I have struggled with finding new interesting topics that people would be intrigued with.

I asked some of my endo sisters on Instagram for some help. If you are not following me on there you should, ya missing out!!

One of my sisters, Kristin Asker, suggested that I do a product review. I have done I think one other review on here but I wasn’t sure how you guys liked it. BUT here with another today.

All of you with endometriosis understand how important heating pads are and any heat source for that matter. Be honest that thing is your bestie!

I have tried SEVERAL heat sources. I have went through at least 5-6 heating pads because I use them so much they burn out. A few months ago I invested in a hot water bottle.. I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure how long the water would stay hot and I mean the obvious getting up to refill it. BUT I can honestly say that when I am in severe pain and need intense heat my hot water bottle is what I reach for. A heating pad gets no where near as hot even on the highest setting. I think a heating pad is better for use when the pain is not to bad but bad enough for some heat. You girls know what I mean!

It also does stay hot a lot longer than I expected. I would say a solid hour maybe more I can get relief from the super hot heat and afterwards it still does stay quite warm for some time. I am sad that I didn’t invest in one sooner. I love it so much and if you don’t have one YOU NEED ONE!! and plus if you have a mate or bomb ass parents they will get up and refill it for you but if I am being honest I never had to reheat I can get relief from the first heat up.

Just click on the pic above and it should bring you straight to Amazon. I have this exact one and I just love it but there are a ton of others you can look through and they have a ton of different covers for them. I am thinking about ordering me another they aren’t that pricey either!

I hope this helped some of you looking for a new heat source. I love mine and I can almost be 100% sure that you will love yours too.

My endo sis Kristin that gave me the idea for this post has a blog as well. I will link it down below as well as her Instagram. Be sure to check her out.

Kristin’s Blog

Kristin’s Instagram



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