Lululemon dupe!?!

So I know you have to have heard of the company Lululemon right?! Well, if you have you would know that they pricey and I mean real pricey!

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Sunday Thoughts.

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

One of my favorite quotes. Spending a Sunday right just focusing on having an awesome week is how a Sunday should always be spent.

How do you spend your Sunday’s? Drop me a comment below I would love to hear some things you like to do to get ready for the week. (:


Fuzzy Sock Advice.


Fuzzy socks are a must on any day but especially if you are have a bad day. Fuzzy socks just make things 10x better. I own so many pairs of fuzzy socks because they just make me feel so warm and comfortable. So, next time you are having a bad day whether that be from pain from endo, or just a stressful day in general take a nice bath hop out and put on some fuzzy socks. I promise it helps.



A little Muscles & Mimosas Update.

A little update for you guys!!!

My fitness journey has been going amazing. Although it is very time consuming- hence why I haven’t really had time to blog 😦

I am doing this for myself but I am also doing it for my endosisters and any lady out there who thinks it is impossible to get fit. Seriously.. I didn’t even know how to spell exercise when I started!!

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