Hot water bottle review!

I've had what some call a "writer's block" I have struggled with finding new interesting topics that people would be intrigued with. I asked some of my endo sisters on Instagram for some help. If you are not following me on there you should, ya missing out!! One of my sisters, Kristin Asker, suggested that … Continue reading Hot water bottle review!


Body Dysmorphia

Eating disorders.. something people that have them never like to talk about or admit for that matter. We become some of the best liars and it's not intentional because in reality we don't even believe it ourselves so we become good at hiding. For me I blamed it on other things. I had Invisalign for … Continue reading Body Dysmorphia

Surgery #2!

The saying "Doctors are the worse patients" I think goes for everyone in the medical field. Nurses, technologist because we've all had to learn about the body. The good and the bad of it all. My second surgery is about one week away. And I am feeling a ton of emotions. I'm angry, sad, scared, … Continue reading Surgery #2!