Surgery #2!

The saying "Doctors are the worse patients" I think goes for everyone in the medical field. Nurses, technologist because we've all had to learn about the body. The good and the bad of it all. My second surgery is about one week away. And I am feeling a ton of emotions. I'm angry, sad, scared, … Continue reading Surgery #2!


Happy One Year!

I have just opened up recently publicly about my Endometriosis meaning no one has really known except my immediate family. I've been hesitant because I never wanted to be looked at as wanting sympathy or wanting people to feel sorry for me. Because I don't, I still don't. I don't expect anyone to feel sorry … Continue reading Happy One Year!

5 Things people with Endometriosis are tired of hearing.

1.) "You’re always sick" Why thank you Captain OBVIOUS, they clearly call it a chronic illness for a reason. 2.) "But you don’t even look sick"  WELL TRUST ME I AM.  Just because a person doesn’t look sick from the outside does not mean they are not sick. 3.) "I have bad period cramps too"  I’m … Continue reading 5 Things people with Endometriosis are tired of hearing.